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Studio Policies

2022-2023 Academic Year


Each student will receive 36 lessons throughout the school year, from September 8 until June 16. Please note that the tuition is a flat monthly rate which is averaged out over the year and does not reflect the exact number of lessons per month. So while the number of lessons may vary from month to month, the tuition will not. 
Payment can be made either monthly or quarterly.  If paying per month, payment is due on the first lesson of each month. Monthly amounts are billed at 3.6 lessons per month: the average of 36 lessons over 10 monthly payments.  If paying quarterly, payment is due at the beginning at the first lesson of each quarter (Sept. 8, Dec. 8, March 23)  There are 12 lessons in each quarter.  For those making quarterly payments, a  discount amounting to one free lesson per year.

Length of Lesson      Per lesson         Per Month      Per Quarter

30 minute                         $41                $148             $478

45 minute                         $62                $221            $717

60 minute                         $82                $295            $957


Lessons begin: Thursday, September 8
Thanksgiving vacation: Nov 24-25
Winter Vacation: December 20- 30 (Note: begins Tuesday)
New Year’s Day: Jan 2
Mid-Winter Break: Feb 20-24
Spring Vacation: April 10-14
Last day of term: June 16


Dates to be announced.  We will aim for two recitals this year.


Lessons cancelled due to illness, snow, or emergency will be made up at the teacher’s discretion.  I generally teach on snow days if you can get here.  I can also teach a lesson via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.  If you anticipate a conflict with your regularly scheduled lesson, please try to trade lesson times with other students.   Please understand that my schedule is very full, and I can’t guarantee that I can offer an available time slot if you can’t come to your regular lesson. However, I do try to offer different scheduling options when there is a conflict, and you can ask if there is any time available.

Lessons missed due to my own illness or schedule conflict will always be made up.


There are always exceptions, but my general expectation is that students will practice 6 days a week.  To steadily improve, one does need some persistence and discipline.  However, practicing the piano should not be considered at all to be the same as school homework.  First of all, practicing is much harder than homework, requiring equal measures of body, mind, and spirit.  Secondly, it is much more fun than homework.  It should be considered a treat to play, and perhaps a nice break from the required nightly chores of homework.  My hope is to teach all students how to apply themselves and to problem solve, while intimately enjoying the process!  Really!

As for the piano, try to have it in a distraction free zone.  Yet, sometimes the piano is stuck in the basement, apart from family life, and that could be lonely and isolating.  Somewhere in the middle might be better.  It is very important that the bench be at the right height, with the bottom of the elbow being in a straight horizontal line with the tops of the keys.  And feet support is crucial also.  There are clever ways to adjust bench height, so please talk to me about this, or invite me over, and I will problem solve with you.


Group lessons provide students with an opportunity to perform for their peers, and to try out pieces in a less formal setting.  It encourages students to share musical ideas, opinions and knowledge.  By listening to others play, it always makes us better players.  Classes are generally held at my house on Sunday afternoons throughout the year.  Attendance is not required, but greatly encouraged. Dates are to be announced (if allowed this year).


I encourage students to perform as much as possible. Preparing for a performance not only encourages huge growth in pianistic skills, but the emotional part of sharing our creativity is a life-long process that has positive ramifications throughout all aspects of our life. We will have two recitals during the year with dates to be announced.   Students are also encouraged to enter Adjudications (an evaluated performance) sponsored by the Seattle Music Teacher’s Association, or serious students may choose to enter the Seattle Young Artists Music Festival.